Niche Drinks

Cream Liqueurs

At Niche Drinks we are able to produce a broad range of Cream Liqueurs, from Traditional Irish Creams made with triple distilled aged Irish Whiskey through to wine based and flavoured creams all specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. Our Cream Liqueurs have won dozens of medals and awards at drinks competitions all over the world, so if you're going to get into the Cream business, make sure you do it with us!!

Developing Own Label brands for our retail partners

At Niche Drinks we have a long history of developing award winning Own Label brand ranges for the world's top retailers. We have a fantastic Technical Department familiar with all the major retailers' on line development and quality control tools.

We are keenly aware that when a retailer puts their own name on a product, its quality, traceability and taste have to be first class - after all, it is our retail partner's reputation we are dealing with and we take that very seriously. 


Tipples, Shannon's Irish Coffee and Shannon's Irish Cream Liqueur are our own Niche Drinks brands.

Tipples Irish Cream Liqueurs makes your coffee or dessert deliciously special. Each little pot is a perfect blend of fresh cream and fine French Brandy with a hint of Amaretto. Pour one into coffee, over dessert or onto whatever takes your fancy whenever you feel like a taste of luxury.



Tipples do not contain any artificial preservatives - the special way we make them ensures that each time you pour one it is as fresh as the day it was produced.



Made with triple distilled Aged Irish Whiskey and the freshest of dairy cream, Shannon's Irish Cream Liqueur's fabulous cocoa taste is delivered by a blend of natural flavours and ingredients.



At Niche Drinks we have stretched our expertise in Cream Liqueur technology to develop Shannon's Microwaveable Irish Coffee - a multi award winning fully patented innovation which delivers a perfect Irish Coffee every time.

What makes Niche Drinks Irish Cream Liqueurs different?

At Niche Drinks the freshest dairy cream from our specially selected herds of local grass-fed Friesian cows is blended with triple distilled aged Irish Whiskey to create a range of Irish Cream Liqueurs, which can then be infused with a new generation of natural flavours and colours to create what we think is a perfect range of Irish Creams which can then be tailored to meet your individual needs.